Association and Park History

The Park

The history of our association is very interesting as the park was built for the purpose of sports and pleasure. It was opened in 1902, some ten years before our association was formed. Our association was founded in 1912, and soon began reporting results of the matches in our local newspapers. However, the earliest recorded result was a match between the mayors team and Eastbourne redoubt, held in the park in 1911. The mayors side having lost by a total of 24 points. Tea was taken on the green at the invitation of the Mayor. The first recorded match of Hampden Park was against Meads on around the 28th October 1912, which we duly won 51 to 21. The first single representation of our association was a Mr Breech, who got through to the final of the mayors championship at Saffrons on the 21 August, 1912. Sadly we lost this match.


Our Association

The opening of our association was in 1912 and was limited to men only, on our bottom green. Our ladies association came into existence in 1928 ,the two clubs co-existed until 1988. It was decided to combine the resources by joining to form Hampden Park Bowling Association.
In the same year, the association took over full responsibility for the green and premises, from Eastbourne Borough Council. Today we are a vibrant and independent association controlling our own affairs, with a long term lease from the Borough.
To meet the growing demand and success the association had with its membership, a second green was added and the present pavilion was erected to replace the old club house. Now we have two well established greens, giving us the capability of us; holding 12 rink matches, two separate 6 rink matches or 12 individual rinks matches.

More information on the history of the park and the bowling association is available in the attached file